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April 22, 2021

Spring Hoopoes in Bucks in 2021

The Hoopoe is a rare species in the county but so far this year, we have had two birds that have been seen by many observers. The first was at Willen Road excavations in Milton Keynes. This individual was present from 22nd to 24th April. Then in the south of the county another was found at Hedgerley Green and was present from 3rd until 6th May.

The Willen bird was found by Milton Keynes birder Mark Baker and was seen by many local birders and others from further afield. It was in a large site and was elusive at times.

A Hoopoe feeding on low scrubby ground cover
The Willen bird
Photo by Jason Chalk

The Hedgerley Green bird was found by local birder Colin Barnes and seen by many birders. However it was seen distantly by most people as it tended to feed on the far side of a paddock. Danielle was fortunate to photograph the bird on the track and therefore much closer.

A Hoopoe standing on a gravelled area with a grassy area in the background
The Hedgerley Green bird
Photo by Danielle Lennon

Prior to these birds, there have only been about five records of the species in the county in the past ten years.

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