Aylesbury Peregrines

You are looking at the nest site of a pair of Peregrine Falcons, situated on the 12th floor of the Buckinghamshire Council building in Aylesbury town centre.

Peregrines are the fastest animal on the planet and can reach speeds in excess of 200mph.

They are an apex predator who catch and kill live birds on the wing - as such the footage here may contain gory images.

Peregrines first appeared on County Hall in 2007 and the nest platform was erected in 2010. They first attempted to breed in 2011 and birds have been present ever since.

The female is larger and greyer than the male. Our current male has a metal ring on his leg but we don't know where he is from.

Peregrines are awesome and exhilarating birds! We are very lucky to be able to watch these wonderful birds up close and personal.

May 8, 2024
Karen Russell-Surtees

We still have only one egg hatched although I'm still hopeful for the others as they did appear later than the first egg. Cross fingers. There was a wonderful opportunity to see the white ball of fluff as my colleagues are calling our chick at around 1020 when there was a feed.

I managed to grab a screen shot yesterday which you can see below, for those that haven't been lucky enough to catch at sighting.

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May 6, 2024
Karen Russell-Surtees

For one terrifying minute i thought our female had scattered the eggs, but never fear i was so wrong. We have our first chick. It must be very recent as when i checked about 2 hours ago we still had four eggs.

Enjoy the view.

April 28, 2024
Mike Wallen

The big-sit is almost over for our Peregrine pair, well that's as long as the eggs are fertile, which I'm sure they will be :) It's a long time to be sitting on those eggs, but our pair have done a great job, even in appalling weather like today.

We are probably 5-6 days from the first egg hatching, when one pops out the others will likely follow very rapidly in the following 24 + hours.

The High Wycombe pair have 4 chicks now, all hatched since Friday (see the other link on this website, under 'Birding in Bucks' at the top of the page.

Fingers crossed for the next week......

April 2, 2024
Mike Wallen

Great News, we have a full clutch of eggs :)

I haven't had much time to watch but have managed a little bit and crucially seen some parental change overs.

On Saturday I was pretty confident that there were now 3 eggs in the clutch, this was confirmed on Sunday the 31st in the morning when the male who was incubating got up and allowed us sight of 3 beautiful red eggs. The pair then promptly proceeded to copulate (mate) on the platform which raised my hopes that a 4th egg might be coming. This evening this was confirmed when the adults swapped over again and there were indeed 4 eggs.

There is the slimmest of chances they could lay another but highly unlikely. I'm ecstatically happy with 4 !!!

So now for the long sit - 4 weeks of it roughly. The parents will either be on the eggs, or within a couple of metres if the eggs are on their own, so don't worry if you see the eggs seemingly unattended for a short while.

Enjoy watching bird Number One !

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