Our GDPR compliance

Our statement on how we store, use and protect your personal information.
Updated January 2019

Overall purpose

Buckinghamshire Bird Club is a membership organisation. It needs to record your membership details.

How we gather your personal information

You provide it to us via membership application forms.

What we store

We store the information you provide on your membership application form.

What we do not store

We do not store anything in addition to the details provided on your application form.

How we store it

All gathered material is stored electronically on a membership database.

How we protect it

The membership database is held securely by the Membership Secretary. It is looked after in accordance with good practice (i.e. backups are taken, anti-virus software is deployed as deemed necessary etc.

How we use it

The membership database is used to communicate with current paid up members. We e-mail the club's monthly bulletin to those members possessing an email address and we post an Annual Report to all members.

We keep the database up to date by adding joiners, removing leavers, recording renewals and recording changes notified to us.

How we DO NOT use it

We never divulge your details to any third party.

Your rights

Members may at any time ask to see the information we hold on them, and to request any changes they wish made.

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