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March 30, 2022

Possible Blue-winged Teal at Marlow

On 28th March 2022 local birder David Bevan was checking out the shallow pools at Marlow Low Grounds when he came across an unusual dabbling duck. Unsure of the ID he sent a still photo to a local birding group and this started a discussion and ended up with the various people involved visiting the site to see this interesting bird.

Photo of the possible Blue Winged Teal at Marlow
Unknown Teal Sp.
Marlow Low Grounds
David Bevan

The bird remained on the same shallow pool for the rest of the day and news was put out that it was a Blue-winged Teal. Over twenty birders managed to see the bird before dark. The bird moved to an adjacent larger pool the following morning and was somewhat harder to view and continued to attract birders. At the time of writing (30th March) the bird was still present.

The bird is thought by some to be a female Blue-winged Teal, although the plumage is not typical and there are suggestions that the bird is a hybrid. Blue-winged Teal is a BBRC rarity and we will have to wait for their decision on whether the bird is genuine and not considered a hybrid or escape (Cinnamon Teal being the most likely culprit to be involved in either of the latter two outcomes). The bird is un-ringed so there is nothing to suggest that the bird is an escape. If accepted by BBRC this will be a first record for Buckinghamshire.

Photo of the possible Blue Winged Teal at Marlow with outstretched wing
Showing the bird with outstretched wing
Marlow Low Grounds
Dick Seekins
A short video taken by Jim Rose on 28th March
Video taken by David Bevan on 29th March when it was feeding with Common Teal
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