Goosander Mergus merganser

Olney Mill - July 2010

Above Photo copyright Robert Norris

Photo copyright Mike Wallen

This is the second record of this species breeding in the county, following a record of a female with about 12 ducklings on the R Ouse at Gayhurst in May 2007.  Interesting that these two records are not too far apart in distance terms.

The photos above shows three medium sized ducklings.  When first discovered there were six.  The male bird has not been seen.

The closest this species normally breeds to Bucks is Wales and the Peak District, so this is well away from the species normal range.  This species is a regular Winter visitor to this area.


Willen Lake - 16th December 2004

Goosandermalewillen1a-450.jpg (27269 bytes)

Goosandermalewillen2a-450.jpg (26115 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Wallen

Willen Lake once again proved to be a magnet to this species.  This is one of four males present on the day.


Willen Lake - 11th March 2004

DSCN6740 f Goosander Willen11 March 2004.jpg (25457 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Collard

Willen Lake again proving to be a regular site for this species.

Willen Lake - 20th December 2001

goosander3x.jpg (11687 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Mike Wallen


Calvert BBONT Lake - 7th January 1999

Goosand5.jpg (28554 bytes)

Goosand3.jpg (39685 bytes)
Photos copyright Tim Watts


Broughton Trout Pools - 7th February 1998

Goosander2.jpg (33217 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Wallen

Despite their small size Broughton Trout Pools regularly attract Goosanders during the winter months.  Regular visits have shown that number fluctuate frequently as birds come and go.  The birds may well use the canal as a flight path.

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