Smew  Mergellus albellus

Willen Lake - 4th-13th January 2009

Photo copyright Dick Bodily

This smart male was found on Willen South lake by Rob Norris.  It follows a spell of exceptionally cold weather when many lakes were frozen.

Calvert - 27th January 2006

smewside-400.jpg (23657 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim Watts

This smart male only stayed for one day on the BBOWT lake.

Foxcote Reservoir - 14th February 2004

14 Feb 055 Foxcote ResX.jpg (28887 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Collard

Another of the very smart males to grace the north of the county.

Calvert - 13th January 2004

Smew-Calvert-13-01-04#002x.jpg (21383 bytes)
Above photo supplied by Steve Norman

This very smart male was one of two that stayed from 11th-17th, with one or two birds seen up until 17th March.

Marlow Ski Pit - February 1991

smew3.jpg (3180 bytes)
Above photo supplied by Mike Wallen

The pair above were part of one of the more significant influxes of this species into the county and were recorded from eleven sites throughout the county in early 1991.  Up to eight birds were seen on Little Marlow Gravel Pit but were mobile and spent much time at Marlow Ski Pit (next to the A404) where the above picture was taken.