Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus

Latimer - 1st October 2009

Photos copyright Ashley Stow

Found by Lee Evans as they overflew his house, landing on nearby Latimer Lake.  They only stayed for one day but it did allow several local birders to catch up with what are almost certainly wild birds.  The brown stains around the head suggest the birds have recently been feeding in peat, probbaly in Iceland (but not Bucks!!).   There are more photographs of these birds on the user uploaded section of the website at click here.

Wooton House Lake, N Bucks - 7th December 2008

Photos copyright
Tim Watts

It is interesting to compare the bills patterns in the above photo to that of the photos below which were taken at the same site six weeks earlier.  These are clearly different individuals which appeared during a cold snap when much of the lake was frozen.

Wooton House Lake, N Bucks - 24th October 2008

Photos copyright Tim Watts

These individuals were thought to be a pair, judging by the size difference.  The bill patterns may help to aid specific identification.

To view a chart of Whooper Swans records in Buckinghamshire Click here.

Lathbury, N Bucks - 4-14th (at least) December 2005

WhooperLathbury1a-450.jpg (40500 bytes)

WhooperLathbury2a-450.jpg (53317 bytes)
Above Photos copyright Mike Walen

DSCN1348 Whooper Swan-450.jpg (36910 bytes)

DSCN1321 Whooper Swan-350.jpg (11486 bytes)
Photos copyright Mike Collard

This individual was found by Robert Norris on 1st December and was present until 7th December at least. It is associating with Mute Swans.

Whooper Swans are annual visitors to Bucks, usually in very small numbers. In fact numbers have decreased since the late 1990s when a regular wintering flock was present in N Bucks. These days the origin of this species is always questioned and it is difficult to be sure if birds are from a feral population or genuinely wild birds.  

To view a chart of Whooper Swans records in Buckinghamshire Click here.. 


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