White-headed Duck  Oxyura leucocphala

Shardeloes Lake - 11th-1st May 2003 (at least)

White-headed Duck-RDA.JPG (12252 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Rob Andrews

WHDuck-MCC.JPG (9643 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Mike Collard

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WHDuckShardloesS.jpg (21873 bytes)
Photos courtesy of Graham Smith

This male White-headed Duck was found late afternoon on 11th April by Rob Andrews, a Shardeloes regular.    Although permanently present during the period, it could not be seen for extended periods as it was hidden among the many small islands at the west end of the lake.  It was very active and was seen swimming very fast around the lake and also seen terrorising the local Ruddy Ducks.

While no-one can be sure of the origin of this individual, if it were to be accepted as a "wild" bird, it would, not surprisingly, be a first record for the county.

If anyone has any better quality pictures of this bird and would be happy for them to be shown on this page, please Email to Jim Rose.