Common Scoter  Melanitta nigra

Little Marlow Gravel Pit  - 10th November 2007

Photo copyright Jim Rose

This group of female Common Scoters were found by Alan Stevens early afternoon.  They were present until dusk at least.

For see a chart of Common Scoter records for the county, click here.

Calvert Sailing Lake  - 17th September 2006

Photo copyright Tim Watts

This individual was present for two days from 17th. 

Calvert  - 1st April 2005

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scoters3-400.jpg (10760 bytes)
Photos copyright Tim Watts

This flock of 28 Common Scoter were found mid-afternoon and remained until late evening.  Unfortunately they were not present the following morning.  Eight Common Scoter were also present at Willen Lake on the previous day with two remaining until 1st April.  This coincides with a movement of this species through the midlands about this time.

Calvert  - 28th March 2004

Common Scoter pair at Calvert280304redux.JPG (7349 bytes)
Photo copyright Rob Andrews

This pair of Common Scoters was found at Calvert Lake.  During the next day or so several other sightings of this species were made at sites in and around Buckinghamshire.  There clearly was a movement of birds across the country, with some stopping off for a while.

College Lake  - 31st July 1996

common scoter1.JPG (34809 bytes)
Video still courtesy of Dave Ferguson

This female was found on 30th and was only present for two days.  Common Scoter are recorded most years in the county, usually in the north of the county and in the periods April-May or Oct-Nov.

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