Red Crested Pochard   Netta rufina

Marlow GPs - January 2007

Photo copyright Kevin Holt

This male was present on one of the gravel pits close to the A404 between 2nd and 20th January at least.

Caldecotte Lake - 4th March 2006

RCPochardCaldecotte1a-450.jpg (38564 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Wallen


Foxcote Reservoir - December 2004

r.c.poch-male-450.jpg (33973 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim watts

The same species and site as below but this time a male.

Foxcote Reservoir - 1st-8th September 2004

r.c.poch-2-450.jpg (34980 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim watts

This female/immature bird was present between 1st and 8th September at least.  It origin is unknown.

College Lake - 24th December 2001

Red-crested_Pochard_College_Lake.JPG (7020 bytes)
Photo copyright Rob Andrews

This species is a rare vagrant to the county, with most of the birds seen most probably being escapes.  There has been a marked increase in records over the last 20 years possibly reflected the larger number of wildfowl collections in more recent years.  However the majority of records do occur from late August to the end of November.  The origins of the bird in the picture is not known..