Bewick's Swan Cygnus columbianus

Calvert Lake - 19th December 2004

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Photos copyright Tim Watts

These three adults Bewick's were seen late afternoon.  They only stayed for about an hour before flying off north.  Two adult Bewick's were reported from Foxcote Reservoir the following morning and may be the same or perhaps part of a wider movement of the species

Caldecotte Lake - 23rd March 2002

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Foxcote Reservoir - 29th December 1999

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Photos copyright Tim Watts

The Bewick's Swans pictured above are part of a herd of 21 that were seen to fly in from the NE at 11:00 by Mike Hunt.   Most of the birds flew off SW at 15:00 when disturbed by a dog walker, although 8 returned a little later. 
(The difference in water colour in the above two pictures is presumably due to light conditions). 
Bewick's Swan are recorded annually in the county, mostly between November and March, with the bulk of the records being from the northern half of the county.


Watermead Lake - March 1996

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Photos copyright Mike Wallen

This 2nd summer bird was present from 26th April until 6th May which is the latest Spring departure for this species.